Geometry-Based Requirements : Support requirement owners in connecting and mediating requirements from SystemWeaver to CATIA V5

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Maskinkonstruktion; Linköpings universitet/Maskinkonstruktion

Abstract: Requirements of a Volvo car are stored in a requirements management system at Volvo Car Group (VCG). VCG recently implemented a new requirements management system, a system called SystemWeaver. Many different types of requirements are stored in the SystemWeaver software, where the requirements can only be described in text and pictures. However, some requirements are geometry-based, describing some type of shape or measurement in space that the car should fulfil. Geometry-based requirements are stored in Teamcenter and have two components, the requirement text and requirement geometry in the form of CAD-models. The models are used to illustrate the requirement in space. This master thesis examines the possibilities of connecting text-based requirements in SystemWeaver to requirement geometries. The technical aspects are studied as well as the organizational mechanisms of creating and changing a geometry-based requirement. To find a working solution, research relating to the issue gave input to the project. Furthermore, interviews were conducted at different departments at VCG to get insight in the working tasks of requirement management at the company. The project resulted in a concept of a new process, describing the actions of geometry-based requirement management and how requirement geometries should be connected to SystemWeaver. The new concept outlined the logical steps that are required to work with SystemWeaver and geometry-based requirements. The work has laid a foundation on which future studies can be conducted to further streamline management of geometry-based requirements at VCG. 

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