Microorganisms influence on quality and flavor of cheese

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Food Science

Abstract: For this study information about microorganism in cheese and their effect on the final product was gained from science databases, e.g. Science Direct, Web of Science and Prima. The taxonomic structures of microbial communities in cheese can be studied by culture-dependent and culture independent methods. Some problems with production of cheese are early and late gas formation and growth of pathogens. Although these problems can be counteracted by sanitation, adding nitrate, microfiltration, bactofugation, lower water activity and by lowering the pH, they can give the cheese inferior quality. Biological hazards can be avoided by good sanitation. For a good shelf-life cheese, techniques such as fermentation and pasteurization are important. Lactic acid bacteria are very important for flavor development and toxin-producing bacteria can in combination with resistant bacteria be used to control flavor development.

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