Rävstavik Health Hotel

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur


Rävstavik Health Hotel is a hotel complex which main focus is to offer the visitors opportunities for relaxation, recreation and exploration in direct contact with the peaceful nature of Stockholm archipelago. In such a sensitive environment it has been an important part of the project to integrate the building with the

landscape as warily and consciously as possible.

Throughout the project I have been investigating how I can combine my intentions of the spatial features and relationships, the use of the building and how to move within and around it, with the conditions of the site. Many decisions have been based on studies conducted in some form of visual media, such as plan and section drawings, perspective sketches and sketch models. This material has then been analyzed and processed for further development.

The result is a hotel composed of two main buildings and fifteen separate units for accomodation spread across the site. Every building unit is placed on plinths above ground and to the greatest possible extent between the existing trees to minimize the physical impact on the site. The idea is that the buildings, theoretically, could be demolished without leaving any visible trace.

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