Simulation of industrial control system field devices for cyber security

University essay from KTH/Elkraftteknik

Abstract: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are an integral part of modernsociety, not least when it comes to controlling and protecting criticalinfrastructure such as power grids and water supply. There is a need to testthese systems for vulnerabilities, but it is often difficult if not impossible to doso in operational real time systems since they have been shown to be sensitiveeven to disturbances caused by benign diagnostic tools. This thesis exploreshow ICS field devices can be simulated in order to fool potential antagonists,and how they can be used in virtualized ICS for cyber security research. 8different field devices were simulated using the honeypot daemon Honeyd,and a generally applicable simulation methodology was developed. It was alsoexplored how these simulations can be further developed in order to functionlike real field devices in virtualized environments.

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