Presenting information through a dashboard for Smart Video evaluations : The process of developing a design for a marketing dashboard

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik

Abstract: Using the internet for watching videos or online shopping keeps growing, along with video advertisement to increase online sales. To know if the video actually increases the online sales, the owner of a video ad wants to do follow ups on how the video is doing, and get statistics. A different solution from the original video ads is Smart Video. It is an interactive video player with a clickable slideshow of products. This video can get even more types of statistics than a normal video, and today that statistic is not accessible for the Smart Video clients, without the help of someone from the Smart Video team that can create a report for them. The purpose of this thesis was to relieve the workload of the Smart Video team and to create a dashboard that shows all information that the clients find relevant about their videos. This paper is about the process of developing a design for a marketing dashboard, that follows the guidelines of information dashboard design by Stephen Few. The process included interviews, multiple designs, prototypes, and evaluations, before ending up with a prototype of a desktop solution that follows the aesthetics of Smart Video and can be realizable with the current technology.

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