User-centered design of an attachable battery pack for arborists

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Konstruktion och produktutveckling

Abstract: Globe Group, a company under the brand Greenworks Tools, is one of the industry leaders in battery-powered outdoor equipment, developing tools that deliver the performance of a gasoline-powered tool without the hassle and emissions associated with it. Gasoline-powered tools are still prevalent in the field of arboriculture where arborists work daily with chainsaws while performing tree felling and pruning. Now a new type of chainsaw is in development by Globe Group which is characterized by its lightweight and large battery capacity, which brings extraordinary battery life. This feature is possible by redesigning the chainsaw to support an external battery, which is housed in a separate battery pack instead of placing the battery directly inside the tool. The aim of the project is to adapt and design the battery pack for arborists by using a user-centered design approach with focus on ergonomics. This is done by having a close cooperation with the arborists during the whole project, from pre-study to final concept evaluation, to explore and fulfill the needs of the user. By using a wide range of research and design methods, a final concept is developed to reach the needs of the user and company.

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