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University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Purpose: This study aims to increase the understanding of how companies develop MaaS as a capability Theoretical Perspectives: This study is based on capability theory, with an emphasis on how to develop capabilities. This is combined with previous research on how to develop service capabilities, as well as research within the concept of MaaS. Methodology: Qualitative multiple-case study with an abductive research approach. Empirical foundation: All empirical data was collected via eight semi-structured interviews with MaaS experts at seven public transport companies in Scandinavia, all with different kinds of strategies towards the development of MaaS Conclusion: Based on the findings, this study argues that there are eleven different factors public transport companies consider important to develop MaaS successfully. Out of these factors, four of them were not discovered in previous research and are thereby considered the main theoretical implications of the study as they add to the previous literature. These theoretical implications complement the existing theoretical focus by highlighting the importance of being open to new things, having the courage to prioritize and try these new things, and learning from the trials that are being made. Without this kind of mindset, MaaS development is often being inhibited, despite the fact that the company has most of the other conditions in place for MaaS.

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