The translation of cultural references and hyphenated premodifers in a travel guide about the Caribbean

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för språk (SPR)

Abstract: This paper studies how cultural references and hyphenated premodifiers in an English travel guide about the Caribbean are translated into Swedish. The aim is to investigate what strategies that are used when translating cultural references, and why; as well as to see which grammatical structures that appear when translating hyphenated premodifiers from English to Swedish. The qualitative analysis focuses on how cultural references and hyphenated premodifiers are translated, the strategies/categories used, and the corresponding result. The quantitative analysis aims at summarizing what strategies or grammatical categories that are most commonly used in overcoming these translation issues. The results show that most hyphenated premodifiers are translated with another grammatical structure, namely through premodifying adjectives, without the use of hyphens. Regarding cultural references, equivalence, transference, and generalization were common strategies to convey the same content and sense to the new target readers, whereas the domesticating method together with communicative translation proved to be the most helpful methods.

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