Appropriate standing-leaning backward angle for healthier posture while working in front of the computer

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för maskinteknik

Abstract: Health problems associated with computer usage have become more common in recent decades. There are many people who sit or stand still for a long time in the wrong posture while working in front of the computers. There is a lot of research showing that too sedentary sitting and standing causes health problems. Therefore there are many attempts to solve the problems by designing different ergonomic workstations. Except for workstations for sitting or standing, there are also attempts to design workstations for standing-leaning-backward posture. Since there standing-leaning-backward posture during sedentary working in front of the computer can be a better option than sedentary sitting or standing, it is important to find the appropriate standing-leaning backward angle.This is why this study is focused on finding out the appropriate angle of the standing-leaning backward posture during work in front of computer screen. This posture can be an alternative to prevent the following health problems: headache, pain from the neck, shoulders, and back while sitting; and knees, legs, lower back and varicose veins while standing.The appropriate standing-leaning backward angle, where the person felt most comfortable was in this work determined to be between forty to fifty degrees measured starting from the vertical posture. It is also important to understand that the exact angle differs from person to person and depends on the individual skeleton and posture.The result was achieved by testing the comfort for different persons on a specially constructed adjustable transformed tipper-board to a workstation that supports standing-leaning backward posture in different angles. The objective measures like the measured pulse and blood pressure in standing-leaning posture does not differ significantly between standing or sitting postures.The outcome of this project the recommendation to design workstations that offer the opportunity to vary from sitting to standing-leaning posture between forty to fifty degrees.

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