Insights from actions : environmental communication practices in Vietnam

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Abstract: The thesis explores practices of environmental communication in the context of Southern Vietnam where there are many long term and emerging problems in environment and natural resources management. Understanding the different perspectives about the roles of communication in dealing with these problems will be the first effort to have access to the most common and significant features of environmental communication in this area. From that basis, the thesis is looking forward to generate a set of notable issues for project developers to consider before implementing an environmental communication activity. With a complementary background in cultural studies and local insight, I apply communication models and theories learnt from the practices of developed contexts like European countries and the North America into analyzing the practices in the Southern provinces of Vietnam. Communication models from Robert Cox, Ulrich Nitsch, Doug McKenzie and other authors will be used as fundamental premises to suggest differences in perspectives and applied practical initiatives, providing recommendations for later projects.

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