RaceMeThere : A gamified running application including real-time updates on different routes with a common target location.

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för matematik och datavetenskap (from 2013)

Abstract: This project was initiated to answer the question: Is it possible to develop a gamifiedrunning application including real-time updates for users racing on different routes toa common target location? Most running applications on the market today are basedupon the progress of the user and not the entertainment for the user. The applicationdescribed in this thesis is based upon the game Race You, which is a simple game ofthe first one to get to the target location wins. The application allows users to starta race from different locations and race against each other towards a common targetlocation. The construction of a race is accomplished by generating an arbitrary targetlocation based on the challenger’s location and a given distance the users wish to race.This thesis describes the process of developing a gamified Android application usingthe programming language Kotlin, as well as discusses problems and obstacles alongthe way. The application is built to be deployed on a smartphone which communicateswith a back-end to notify users about information regarding races and challenges. Theapplication is developed for the Android operating system, which means that to ourknowledge there is room for another application targeting another operating system.There are a number of features which can be implemented to the application which isdiscussed throughout the report.

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