Designing for Stimulating Social Interaction in Outdoor Gym

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media

Abstract: In the world where the Internet has nearly linked people in every corner, for some people, the nearby places seem to disappear. It might also lead to the alienation of friends and neighbours. For addressing the disadvantages of the change, this study aims to design for stimulating social interaction in outdoor gyms that are distributed in most communities and parks. Towards this goal, I engaged in designing and evaluating a movement-based interaction project. I invited 5 participants to work as designers for generating design ideas, using reflecting somaesthetics and bodystorming design methods. The bodystorming braid was used for depicting how design ideas generated and evolved. Design ideas were packaged into 3 types of design solutions -- cooperative play, competition and just talking. The most practical solutions for each kind were selected for building prototypes. These prototypes were evaluated with Wizard-of-Oz techniques by 4 participants, followed by a focus group. The qualitative analysis surfaced the important factors that impacted social interaction and major users, including the target users, usage, interaction, and maintenance.

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