Priority-based THVRG in Industrial Wireless Sensor Network

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi och medier

Abstract: With the constant expansion of the industrial monitoring system, there is an urgent requirement to reduce investment and operating costs for the development of industrial communication technology. For industrial real-time monitoring systems, wireless technology can be used in a practical industrial production to take advantages of its flexibility and robustness. As wireless sensor networks have many advantages such as low investment costs, flexible structure and ease of transformation, it has become the focus with regards to industrial areas. THVRG is a routing algorithm that selects the routing path based on two-hop information. Since different information sensed by the sensors may have different requirements in order to reach the sink, a priority-based routing algorithm is required in order to adapt to this kind of situation. This thesis has proposed a priority routing algorithm based on the THVRG (Priority-based THVRG). In addition, a simulation of this algorithm was performed in OPNET. Finally, the report provides an evaluation of the proposed algorithm in industrial wireless sensor networks.

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