Information Security Management of Healthcare System

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/COM

Abstract: Information security has significant role in Healthcare organizations. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) with patient’s information is considered as very sensitive in Healthcare organization. Sensitive information of patients in healthcare has to be managed such that it is safe and secure from unauthorized access. The high-level quality care to patients is possible if healthcare management system is able to provide right information in right time to right place. Availability and accessibility are significant aspects of information security, where applicable information needs to be available and accessible for user within the healthcare organization as well as across organizational borders. At the same time, it is essentials to protect the patient security from unauthorized access and maintain the appropriate level in health care regarding information security. The aim of this thesis is to explore current management of information security in terms of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and how these are protected from possible security threats and risks in healthcare, when the sensitive information has to be communicated among different actors in healthcare as well as across borders. The Blekinge health care system was investigated through case study with conduction of several interviews to discover possible issues, concerning security threats to management of healthcare. The theoretical work was the framework and support for possible solutions of identified security risks and threats in Blekinge healthcare. At the end after mapping, the whole process possible guidelines and suggestions were recommended for healthcare in order to prevent the sensitive information from unauthorized access and maintain information security. The management of technical and administrative bodies was explored for security problems. It has main role to healthcare and in general, whole business is the responsibility of this management to manage the sensitive information of patients. Consequently, Blekinge healthcare was investigated for possible issues and some possible guidelines and suggestions in order to improve the current information security with prevention of necessary risks to healthcare sensitive information.

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