Carlsberg doesn´t do AI. But if they did… - Hur man finner medarbetarens motivation med hjälp av Appreciative Inquiry

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Motivation. A concept that is becoming increasingly relevant in the social system we, today, call organizations. This study investigates how to identify what motivates individuals today and what can motivate individuals in the future from a strength-based perspective. As the basis of our study, we have chosen to use a strength-based approach called Appreciative Inquiry. A dialogue-based approach whose main purpose is to raise and develop the organization's strengths and opportunities, ignoring the potential weaknesses. In this case study method we used the 4D-model as the basis for our interview questions. The interviews were conducted in a brewery named Carlsberg which have not applied Appreciative Inquiry in their organization today. Carlsberg's National Sales Center was the department where our empirical data was acquired. 18 qualitative interviews were conducted with staff that consisted of both temporary and full-time employees where the goal was to locate what motivated them and what might increase motivation in the future. The study shows that motivation should be the central concern for managers due to the fact that our results highlight that employees show up correlating factors for motivation. The respondents primarily raised on two sources of motivation, positive feedback from managers/employees, and a sense of belonging in the workplace. These two sources of motivation consequently founded our future recommendations to Carlsberg's national sales team.

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