Here we are building a museum together: An interactive exhibition

University essay from Malmö universitet/Kultur och samhälle

Abstract: It has been established by several studies that interactive exhibitions in museums bring many benefits to the experience of its visitors. This thesis explores how to make the exhibition Människor och idéer i rörelse (People and Ideas in Motion) interactive. This exhibition took place at the Workroom of Rörelsernas Museum (Museum of Movements) in Malmö. The exhibition was designed so that no one needed to go inside, but rather view and interact with the content of the exhibition from the street, which was displayed on the windows of the Workroom. Through a context-based design approach, the design process consisted of three main phases: inspiration, ideation and implementation. Throughout the design process, it was defined that in order to maintain the distance measures needed, it was adamant to employ technology as a design material. Following a number of testings, the specific technologies that were to be used were defined, namely capacitive sensors. Following this, the project delves into the steps needed in order to define the output of sensors. The final product consisted of four sensors. Two of these were connected to surprise boxes that enhanced the visual content of the exhibition. The other two were connected to a sound system that employed the windows as speakers, providing extra information about the museum and the exhibition.

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