A Study on the Implementation of Green Supply Chain- A Comparative Analysis between Small Scale Industries in India and Developed Nations

University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik


Environmental pollution is the major problem that mankind faces in present state, the major emission of toxic gases is from vehicles and manufacturing industries. The thesis study focuses on three different types of Small Scale Industries (SSI) in India that are bumper manufacturing industry, dyeing industry and food processing industry. The product life cycles of the process for each industry are identified and their final green waste disposal methods are investigated.

The industries are identified with more lean wastes within their product life cycle process. The major green wastes from their disposal methods have high influence on environment. These wastes have to be reduced or eliminated by practicing a suitable supply chain. In present the companies doesn’t practice any supply chain in their organization. The implement of supply chain could reduce the environmental pressures and wastes of the companies to some extent.

The lean wastes identified in the process could be eliminated by practicing suitable lean tools and methods. The final disposal wastes are considered to be the green wastes. The method of disposal practiced by the SSIs in India shows an evidence of how much they concern towards the environment. The research tries to explain some suitable waste management techniques for the industries and discusses about importance of government role on making this techniques possible.

The small scale industries experiences both wastes, so it has to integrate lean for practicing green supply chain, the implementation of lean would pay a way for green supply chain management. As a result of it a comprehensive lean and green model is suggested for the industries because the model is composed of both lean and green waste reduction techniques and it also helps in achieving both lean and green business results. 

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