Gender-related differences in language use

University essay from Luleå/Språk och kultur

Author: Susanne Karlsson; [2007]

Keywords: Gender; female language; male language;

Abstract: This study investigates whether one can find differences between females´
and males´ way of using language. The essay presents different theories
about female and male language and some of the theories have been tested in
a survey. A total of 80 participants take part in the survey and they have
read a dialogue with implemented attributes. Afterwards they answered a
questionnaire. The result implies differences as well as similarities
between females and males. Furthermore, it reveals differences between
different age groups. One theory tested in the survey is polite language.
According to the result females connect polite language to female language
whereas males do not. Minimal responses do not appear to be connected to
female language neither among females nor among males. Moreover, the survey
reveals that directives and commands appear to be connected to male
language among females but not among males. Yet, there are also
similarities in the findings among females and males since both genders
connect swearing to male language. Furthermore, neither females nor males
connect interruptions to male language.