The Extent of Adoption of E-commerce in the Ghanaian Dairy Industry and its Potential Applications and Benefits

University essay from Luleå/Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences

Author: Richard Akurang Boamah; Joseph Manu Kwaku; [2012]

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Abstract: The conditions of doing business globally have rapidly changed. The World Wide Web (WWW) and related advances in technology has significantly affected the way organizations operate their businesses in this ‘global village’. The growing importance of e-commerce in our networked and interconnected world represents a quantum leap in terms of finding ways of lowering overall organizational transaction cost and an enhancement of the total organizational value chain activities. The dairy industry cannot be left out of this growing phenomenon because of the revered and potential benefits and applications of e-commerce. This study is propelled by the need to empirically measure the extent of adoption of e-commerce in the Ghanaian dairy industry and also appraise its potential applications and benefits.
In order to fulfill the objectives of the study a frame of reference has emerged based on the literature that was reviewed. A qualitative research approach was adopted. Questionnaires were administered and one hundred and eighty one valid respondents spanning across all the departments in the five dairy companies chosen for the study have been received.
The study revealed that respondents were very much acquainted with the concepts and applications of e-commerce. It also emerged that e-commerce has impacted positively on the communication aspects of their businesses. Although, most companies had the needed infrastructure to successfully implement e-commerce, the major challenges were; how to sell their products online, receive payments online and how to garner the needed traffic to their online sites.
The study concludes that e-commerce, when applied, has significant benefits. Companies in the dairy industry must develop their core competences in the use of e-commerce so as to enjoy the benefits it espouses.