Exploring Emerging Entities and Named Entity Disambiguation in News Articles

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Interaktiva och kognitiva system

Author: Robin Ellgren; [2020]

Keywords: NLP; Emerging Entities; NED; NER; Entity Linking;

Abstract: Publicly editable knowledge bases such as Wikipedia and Wikidata have over the years grown tremendously in size. Despite the quick growth, they can never be fully complete due to the continuous stream of events happening in the world. In the task of Entity Linking, it is attempted to link mentions of objects in a document to its respective corresponding entries in a knowledge base. However, due to the incompleteness of knowledge bases, new or emerging entities cannot be linked. Attempts to solve this issue have created the field referred to as Emerging Entities. Recent state-of-the-art work has addressed the issue with promising results in English. In this thesis, the previous work is examined by evaluating its method in the context of a much smaller language; Swedish. The results reveal an expected drop in overall performance although remaining relative competitiveness. This indicates that the method is a feasible approach to the problem of Emerging Entities even for much less used languages. Due to limitations in the scope of the related work, this thesis also suggests a method for evaluating the accuracy of how the Emerging Entities are modeled in a knowledge base. The study also provides a comprehensive look into the landscape of Emerging Entities and suggests further improvements.

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