Colour Curve: Lighting experience within the bedroom

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/HDK - Högskolan för design och konsthantverk

Author: Alice Van; [2009-01-19]

Keywords: Desiring; evoking; fascination; health; light; awakening; bedroom;

Abstract: Not only is lighting for visibility, but a broader necessity includes; lighting quality, human needs, architectural integration and economic constraints (including energy). The focus is on lighting quality defined as, comfort, health orientated, adapting to a lifestyle, controlling the atmosphere to improve a mood, or to set a mood. Clinical studies have demonstrated that light processed through the eye can influence human psychology, mood and behaviour.1 These findings may provide the basis for major changes in architecture that benefits lighting strategies within a room to induce emotional value at the human perspective. The report summarises the possibilities of using lighting to improve our lifestyle specifically within the Scandinavian environment during the winter season where there is lack of daylight. The light is to awaken the body from rest and to use light to offer a sensual experience. The design will be demonstrated using a hotel bedroom, where rest and comfort are essential aspects for guests within this environment.The report concludes with guidance concerning lighting to react with the human sensibility in both aesthetics and health lighting and how it might be applied in an architectural way in response to lighting quality.

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