Social Media Made Me Buy It : A qualitative study on how consumers decision- making process gets affected by social media advertising exposure in the evaluation stage of the EBM model when purchasing fashion items.

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för marknadsföring (MF)

Abstract: This thesis was conducted to better understand how consumers in Sweden are affectedin the evaluation stage of the EBM model in the context of social media advertisingexposure within the fashion industry and further to identify what factors are importantfor consumers when evaluating different options and see what type of advertisementthat is preferred. The thesis was conducted using a qualitative approach and datacollection consisted of conducting 25 in-depth semi-structured interviews withconsumers representing different parts of Sweden and 2 expert interviews to betterunderstand the retailer's perspective. The authors found that social media advertisinginfluences consumers decision-making and that it can affect the consumer evaluationstage however mainly through the information search stage. The authors further foundthat sponsored advertisements are the preferred type, and that advertising can createboth negative and positive relationships. The authors could see that social mediaadvertising exposure affected consumers and made them willing to try new brands outbut often choose brands that they previously had a relationship with. The author'simplication of consumers' receptiveness towards social media advertising togetherwith their habits of taking their final decision on retailers or brands websites showhow marketers focus need to be on click through and targeting consumers makingtheir final decisions there. The thesis provides useful knowledge in consumerbehaviour and implications for how brands and retailers within the fashion industryshould focus their marketing efforts.

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