Extramural English in the First Grade

University essay from Högskolan Dalarna/Pedagogiskt arbete

Abstract: Today’s primary school pupils encounter English in a wide variety of ways through the use of various forms of media. This thesis aims to research how the very youngest pupils in the Swedish primary school encounter the English language in their time outside of school and whether or not it has any impact on how they relate to the subject in school. Teachers’ views on their pupils’ habits will also be compared, as well as whether they see encounters outside the classroom as having any visible effects on the pupils. Through the use of interviews with both seven- to eight-year-old pupils and teachers, it was possible to find common forms of extramural English (EE) among the pupils, but little evidence it contributed to their views on English at school. Teachers were largely aware of their pupils’ interests and were positive towards using EE content in class, but did not feel it was possible to do so.

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