Factors influencing environmental communication The case study of Schenker AB

University essay from Lunds universitet/Internationella miljöinstitutet

Abstract: Abstract Environmental communication is more complex and challenging today compared to ten years ago. Moreover, it is experienced that many companies fail in their environmental communication. If companies want to succeed in their environmental communication, they must have a clear understanding of their environmental communication process. The impact from individuals and organisational conditions on the environmental communication must be identified and fully understood. To help companies create environmental communication strategies, new tools and guidelines, such as ISO 14063 and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), are introduced. The purpose of this Master Thesis is to examine important factors influencing environmental communication. This is achieved by performing a case study on Schenker AB's environmental communication. The study has identified three important factors influencing environmental communication: consideration of stakeholders? needs, interests, and values, the receptiveness among stakeholders and individuals? impact on companies? image. The Master Thesis evaluates Schenker AB's environmental communication from these factors and suggests recommendations of improvements.

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