Validation of Spiropalm 6MWT Hand-held Spirometer against Jaeger Oxycon Pro, focusing on minute ventilation

University essay from Örebro universitet/Institutionen för hälsovetenskaper

Abstract: Introduction: Ergospirometry is used to evaluate working capacity and assess whether limitations may originate from circulation or respiration. It is typically based on an ordinary exercise test, in conjunction with respiratory analysis. A six-minute walk test (6MWT) may be used to asses a patients functional capacity. The subject walks a 30-meter-long hallway as far as possible for six minutes. Equipment is now available to analyse ventilation simultaneously. The purpose of the study was to validate Spiropalm 6MWT Hand-held Spirometer against Jaeger Oxycon Pro, focusing on minute ventilation. Method and material: A convenience sample of 30 young, healthy adults between the age of 18-32 participated in the study at Örebro University. Minute ventilation was measured with Spiropalm 6MWT Handheld Spirometer (COSMED, Rome, Italy) and Jaeger Oxycon Pro (Viasys Healthcare, Pennsylvania, USA) during two walking tests on treadmill at three intensity levels (velocities). A paired Students t-test was used for comparison between the equipments and between the three intensity levels in regard to minute ventilation and heart rate. Result: The result showed a statistically significant difference between the two equipments, focusing on minute ventilation, at intensity levels 1 and 2, but not for level 3. The Spiropalm shows consistently lower values. There was no difference between the heart rate during the two trials. Conclusion: Spiropalm consistently has lower values of VE than the Jaeger-system, this can be the cause of the difference between the equipments during lower intensity levels, although not high enough for a difference at level 3. There was no difference in heart rate between the two trials at any of the intensity levels, this shows that the subjects were well rested between the trials.

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