Forest thinning in VR : A VR application with the theme of forest thinning

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för informationssystem och -teknologi

Abstract: The purpose with this project was to create a virtual reality game were the users should be able to carry out a thinning. The main goals are to use real forests terrains as terrain models in the game, the GameObjects and the teleportation system in the application should be able to handle changing terrains and the application should not cause virtual reality sickness. The application has been developed with the help of the game engine Unity and plugins from Unitys own asset store. User tests and measurements will be carried out in order to evaluate if the game causes virtual reality sickness or not. The results shows that it is possible to use real forests terrains and that the solution is suited for this application. The downside is that in order to use real life terrains several steps has to be taken and that the terrain object has to be designed manually. It also shows that the GameObjects and the Teleportation system has been implemented in a way so they can handle changing terrains. Furthermore it shows that some of the functionalities of the application could be improved, especially the scoring system. The users tests and the measurements showed that the application isn't causing virtual reality sickness but it also showed that the users feels like there are things missing in the application

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