The influence of corporate governance on CSR : a multiple case study of the Swedish insurance sector

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Economics

Abstract: This study responds to the theoretical gap in the academic literature regarding mechanisms of corporate governance and how it affects companies’ corporate social responsibility-efforts. The study also aims to deepen the understanding of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility-efforts in the insurance sector. To achieve this, the study adopts a qualitative approach combined with a multiple-case study research design. The data of the study is gathered through semi-structured interviews with representatives for three companies in the Swedish insurance sector. The concepts of triple bottom line, empowerment and management control systems create the conceptual framework that is used to analyse the data. The findings show that the interplay between the mechanisms of corporate governance can vary, depending on the level within the studied companies. The findings also confirm a varying interplay within the different aspects of sustainability. Another finding is that the studied mechanisms of corporate governance, either promote or maintain the companies’ corporate social responsibility-efforts. The conclusion of the study is that working with mechanisms of corporate governance can be valuable for the continued contribution to a sustainable development in the insurance sector. The conclusions can further be applicable on companies within or outside the insurance sector.

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