Single-hole sonic logging - A study of possibilities and limitations of detecting flaws in piles

University essay from KTH/Bro- och stålbyggnad

Abstract: As a part of the Dutch development program Geo-impulse, which aims to half the occurrence of geotechnical failures in civil engineering projects inside the Netherlands by 2015, this master thesis is investigating how to trace imperfections in bored piles at an early stage. The objective is to carry out literature study on suitable methods and then focus the research on one particular method. The basis of the research is the single-hole sonic logging method. Field and laboratory measurements are carried out with the aim to investigate the detection range of the method as well as try to apply more advanced post-processing techniques. Results from the measurements are discussed and also a comparison between single-hole sonic logging and the better standardized test cross-hole sonic logging is made. The results indicate that single-hole sonic logging has a small detection range inside a bored pile, especially compared to cross-hole sonic logging. Also more advanced post-processing techniques fails or make the test to advance to use on a daily basis. Finally the recommendation is to carry on research with other techniques which in scientific papers have showed some promising results.  

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