Secure IDMS for Cloud Computing Environment

University essay from KTH/Skolan för informations- och kommunikationsteknik (ICT)

Author: Arunendra Nath Pandey; [2013]

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Current practices includes the integration of IDMS system and OpenStack for easy, better, balanced provisioning, identity management and user management for different types of users in order to securely access the service on cloud platform. These solutions will provide the basic building block structure which provides the motivation to enterprises to come in, out, around the cloud services. Based the research artifacts, design challenges and some current constraints, we have built these cure IDMS for cloud environment under architecture of “CryptoNET™ Security Providers”. Secure IDMS is designed by considering the SCIM schema and OpenStack cloud platform to offer better user management, secure authentication, enhanced security components, secure communication, controlled attributes and synchronized data in order to provide secure services trousers in cloud environment. Security model is based on type of users identity in OpenStack, based on roles. This enables to control and provide different types of user needs as Software as a Services(SaaS), better web application interaction including better provisioning/deprovisioing, secure identity information storage and better access control “role based-RBAC” as Platform as a Services(PaaS). Secure IDMS, provides more solutions for problems that cover the Identity and Access Management (IAM) rather than Managed Identity Services (MIS). Based on cloud IAM challenges and requirements for financial institutions, our design artifact was also evaluated. We considered central identity management approach based on security policy implementation. This research will brings the reader to understand secure IDMS platform with basic real world implementation and motivates the reader to study more cloud challenges, security enhancements and future guidelines for additional research in this area.

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