Feature Based Learning for Point Cloud Labeling and Grasp Point Detection

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Datorseende

Abstract: Robotic bin picking is the problem of emptying a bin of randomly distributedobjects through a robotic interface. This thesis examines an SVM approach to ex-tract grasping points for a vacuum-type gripper. The SVM is trained on syntheticdata and used to classify the points of a non-synthetic 3D-scanned point cloud aseither graspable or non-graspable. The classified points are then clustered intograspable regions from which the grasping points are extracted. The SVM models and the algorithm as a whole are trained and evaluated againstcubic and cylindrical objects. Separate SVM models are trained for each type ofobject in addition to one model being trained on a dataset containing both typesof objects. It is shown that the performance of the SVM in terms accuracy isdependent on the objects and their geometrical properties. Further, it is shownthat the algorithm is reasonably robust in terms of successfully picking objects,regardless of the scale of the objects.

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