The Swedish system of Contract Archaeology

University essay from Lunds universitet/Arkeologi

Abstract: This thesis presents an analysis over current opinions towards the Swedish system of contract archaeology. The opinions were gathered through an online poll from the three main actors of the system: Developers, the County Administrative Board and Contract Archaeologists. The thesis came to be as a response to the various and often negative comments and attitudes towards the system shown in mass media, journal articles or by word of mouth from people within the system. The purpose of the thesis is to create an insight into current attitudes towards the system and the way it is organised, based on the opinions of people working within the system. The results provide indications on where the system needs to change and improve and where the system is currently working satisfactory. The results furthermore provide an insight into the system’s main advantages and disadvantages, as defined by the research participants. The differences in opinions between the three system parties are also compared and analysed. The results show that the research participants are rather displeased with the current system and that the perceived problems vary between the three participating groups. The conclusion is that the system suffers from a structural flaw that separates and creates opposition between two of the system parties: the developer and the contract archaeologist. For the system to fulfil its purpose and improve, the schism between said parties must be dealt with.

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