Modern Day Slavery : An Analysis of Knowledge production within Awareness Curricula

University essay from Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik

Author: Ellen Willson; [2018]

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Abstract: Slavery is a concept which is usually related to historically, however this issue continues today through a number of different forms of exploitation and can be referred to as modern day slavery. Within earlier research education is discussed as a method to alleviate modern day slavery, through access to education and through awareness. However, within earlier research the problem of modern day slavery is referenced in relation to globalization, yet not considered in relation to the continuation of colonialism. Using the globalization theory and the postcolonial theory this thesis explores the content of two curricula. The curricula have been chosen due to their focus on increasing awareness on the issue of modern day slavery. Through a colonial discourse analysis this thesis problematizes the production of knowledge on the issue of modern day slavery within the curricula. Through a colonial discourse analysis, it was discovered both of the curricula reinforce ideas of modern day slavery in relation to globalization, as seen in earlier research. Furthermore, there was a lack of consideration of the concept of colonialism historically or its continuation. The pedagogical implications of the curricula are discussed following the analysis which are informed by a postcolonial lens. Whereby it is discovered there are differences within the intentions of the curricula and the possible outcomes, furthermore issues arose in relation to overlooking historical trajectories and ignoring power relations on the topic of modern day slavery.

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