Hydrological modelling of a recycling facility and landfill

University essay from Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för Teknisk vattenresurslära

Abstract: A parsimonious lumped model for simulating a catchment composed of a landfill and recycling facility were developed. The modelling results showed an acceptable conformity with the observed values with NSE of 0.54 and R2 of 0.56 in hourly simulations, though the results were characterized by a general underestimation. The results of the daily accumulated values showed a greater compliance with the observed values with NSE of 0.69 and R2 of 0.736, indicating that similar simulations of a dynamically complex catchments can be developed in daily timesteps with a great confidence. The catchment model has been coupled with a reservoir model to simulate the leachate storage ponds downstream the catchment. The time simulated storage of the leachate ponds was aligning with the observed recordings with NSE of 0.96. Simulation of the expected climate change were made to deduce the required expansion of the ponds at the future climate and the required additional volumes were outlined. It is recommended to optimize the leachate ponds storage by improving the treatment plant capacity, or by continuous inflow/outflow control. The future covering of the landfill and subsequent impact on the surrounding area were modelled being a part of the facility future plan for climate adaptation.

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