Requirements for improving Contemporary e-tourism Information systems in terms of customer satisfaction

University essay from KTH/Skolan för informations- och kommunikationsteknik (ICT)

Author: Alireza Alagha; [2013]

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Abstract: Who can ignore the impact of technology in different industries in 21st century? Various types of online tourism services have been offered by several firms who claim their services will be more accurate, more sufficient and better than traditional agencies’ offers. In this work, an investigation of a Tourism Information system will show how online services can bring value for each stakeholder in the firm and for others who interact with the e-tourism form. Data collection strategy for this work was survey and methods for data collection, included interviews and questionnaires. "Kano’s method" which shows how can bring "WOW "to the customer by adding unexpected features and make her satisfy by increasing her satisfaction. This work focused on IT’s impact to the current situation of the tourism industry in order to improve customers’ satisfaction. Optimized TIS 1 may involve changes across many parts of a firm. In order to determine these factors, data collection using surveys of tourism experts in firm is needed. A complementary source of data includes literature, articles, and tourism brochure. Finally the collected data, analyses by Factor-Analysis method and the result of analyzed data shows the main factors of client satisfaction are convenience, specialization, accessibility and web design.

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