Structural Analysis of the Roof Structure in the Reformed Church

University essay from Lunds universitet/Väg- och vattenbyggnad (CI); Lunds universitet/Byggnadsmekanik

Abstract: The purpose of this Master’s thesis is to find and illustrate the behaviour of the roof structure of the Reformed Church in Copenhagen, Denmark. Explanatory visualisation results in an enhancement of the understanding of the statical behaviour. The introduction of the report contains the building history of the Reformed Church. A restoration took place in 1987 and our Danish supervisor was part of the team who performed this restoration. The team used a method of structural analysis, different from the one performed in this Master’s thesis. From this point of view a discussion of the different methods is presented. Questions concerning the statical behaviour of specific parts of the structure which came up during the restoration in 1987 are addressed. Different philosophies used when restoring old historical buildings are discussed. To be able to conduct the computer analysis a thorough knowledge of the structure is required. The structural, material and the geometric model, as well as the boundary conditions, are investigated to get the correct input data for the analysis. With help from the visualisation, different load paths and their load carrying meaning are shown and discussed. The deformations, the normal forces and the stresses can become clear through the visualisation even to the less experienced viewer.

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