Collaborative Housing in Tyresö

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur


“When I became a single parent I started fantasising about a living concept where neighbours would help each other with the everyday practicalities like cooking, picking up the kids from daycare etcetera.”

“I dream of this large, welcoming, living room where your friends will pass by and maybe stay for a chat.”

“Sauna, gym, garden, workshop – imagine all the luxury everyone could afford if we would just share it!”

Starting off with the needs and wishes of a group of individuals a co-housing project is formed in a suburban setting in Tyresö. Discussions and workshops with the group have shaped the design of the building, which is a four storey wooden construction made up of three simple volumes, clustered together. The three volumes contain 28 private apartments, while the different spaces in between constitute shared living space.

Every household has their own small kitchen and bathroom, offering the residents the choice whether to hang out in the shared spaces or retreating to their own apartment.

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