Cooperation and innovation to develop tourism and combat seasonality : A case study of local tourism firms in Geiranger, Norway

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Kulturgeografiska institutionen

Abstract: This qualitative study describes how local tourism firms in Geiranger, Norway view innovation and cooperation as strategies to develop tourism and combat seasonality. The study examines different approaches to seasonality as well as how the innovation system of a tourism destination can be a way to transition from one to all-season tourism. Five local tourism firm owners or managers in Geiranger were interviewed in order to explore their understanding of these concepts. The findings of this study illustrate the complex opportunities, challenges and contradictions local tourism firms experience while combating seasonality. Ultimately, it stimulates a discussion if it is possible to combat seasonality on the basis of tourism development. The topic was chosen to address challenges with seasonal tourism in relation to sustainable socio-economic development in rural communities. UNESCO world heritage Geiranger is regarded as one of the most scenically outstanding fjords in the world. Because of its rural nature and strong position in the global tourism industry, it constitutes an excellent location to research this phenomenon.

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