Integration of an Electric Propulsion High Voltage Unit into the FLP2 SmallSat Testbench

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Rymdteknik

Author: Thomas Walford; [2018]

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Abstract: This paper is based around the test bench for the Flexible LEO Platform, a proposed small satellite platform for use in Low Earth Orbit. The main focus of the paper is the integration of a High Voltage Unit into this test bench. The High Voltage Unit is used to power the Electric Propulsion Subsystem that is being developed at Airbus DS and is likely to be used in the platform. This integration focusses primarily on the data link between the on-board computer and the Power Control and Distribution Unit which supplies power to the High Voltage Unit, but no study on an on-board data link is complete without looking at the link from the satellite to ground. The paper will mainly build on two pieces of prior work completed in the development of this platform. The first updated data chain between the ground and the on-board computer from packet level to frame level. The second began the electrical integration of the Power Control and Distribution Unit into the satellite test bench. The key areas addressed in the paper are firstly, the implementation of code within the on-board software to command the Power Control and Distribution Unit (both simulated and real) through telecommand and identify the corresponding telemetry that is produced. Secondly, confirmation of a working data chain from the Ground Station to the High Voltage Unit of the Electric Propulsion Subsystem, via the Power Control and Distribution Unit, and if the chain is incomplete, linking them together fully. Thirdly, the robust test of this data chain to ensure that both the simulated and real engine can be controlled. Finally, a detailed documentation of the result along with the software developed and the production of a user manual.

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