Design and Implementation of Web front-end based on Mainframe education cloud

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Fan Pan; [2015]

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Mainframe is a server expert in online transaction and batch job and be widely used in different industries especially banking while mainframe skilled specialists are limited. Cloud computing makes it possible to share rare hardware and deliver services by infrastructure, platform and so on.

This text explains how the Z Education Cloud can provide stable and high-value education services that support 21st-century mainframe skill development. Additionally, the text outlines design and implementation for the education cloud Web-End that can help college mainframe education.

Firstly, technology mechanism analysis of Web front-end for Z Education Cloud is done with the following aspects: B/S architecture, MVC design pattern, SSH development framework are introduced into this project. The author also proposes a system which is asynchronous communication mechanism between front-end and back-end according to the specialty of mainframe service. Secondly, we do the requirement from Business Requirement and Functional Requirement, define all the function modules and draw the use cases and class diagram with UML. After that, based on the requirements, this text explains how the Z Education Cloud Web-end designs and realizes. There comes up with a mechanism of roles and permissions management for the system, the detailed design proposal and implementation for the resource management module and application management module are focused on. After the implementation is done, we test the system on performance and functions and point the weakness founded during testing.

In the finality, the problems requiring further studies are discussed.

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