Education of IoT in an industrial context

University essay from Malmö universitet/Kultur och samhälle

Abstract: As the rise of Industry 4.0 sheds light on many emerging technologies, our society will change with it. While it brings forth many positive aspects, it cannot be ignored the socio-economic problems we may face in the future. Many jobs will be transformed, manual labour such as order picking, forklift driving will be vanishing, and humanity will have to adapt, as we have for the previous industrial revolutions. Educating the industrial workers that face unemployment due to automation is an important ethical matter, but can we as humans develop our knowledge with the technology, as opposed to adapting to it? This thesis uses methods of interaction design to create an alternative educational format, for industrial workers to learn about the Internet of Things, an essential component of Industry 4.0. The result of this is TIOTTA (Teaching Internet of Things Through Application), a contextual learning material designed together with industrial workers.

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