Digitalization of Facility Management : Financial Incentives

University essay from KTH/Fastigheter och byggande

Abstract: The digital reality is within this current moment debated and something that affects people. Upcoming years in real estate in general, it will be crucial of developments within the industry concerning digital solutions. The processes, business and approaches that have affected an industry for a very long time are changing in its foundations. Owning a property or managing an object in the coming years in an increasingly digitized world will bring new types of demands on organizations that intend to participate in the development. For a long time, digitization has existed as a concept seeming exciting and interesting. Smart devices have taken a larger part of time through telephones, televisions and likewise. Banking processes have evolved through phones and other digital tools to provide new variations of banking services. Airports have developed digital check-in services, which mean that you are actually virtually on the plane before you arrive at the airport. The development of these banking and tourism services changes the market and companies have been able to take part of the market by providing new solutions.  In development and innovation, there is a term used repeatedly, the idea of a “disruptive innovation”. More explicitly, a new innovation that destroys the previously functioning market. As a concrete example, the previously well-functioning camera - today largely exchanged for the digital camera. Or the previously mentioned development of banks and flight processes. It has previously been functioning markets, however, these new processes and innovations have eliminated earlier working solutions by performing better.   The study investigates possibilities closer if there are potential "disruptive innovations" in facility management and digital key control. The thesis has been focusing on the consequences of digital keys by using a model to analyse the impact on work in a future process. The physical key is one of the most ancient innovations that have been refined and developed over the centuries. With the new digital reality, it may be possible to find a new process that create better functions. 

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