Optical Payload Mounting Interface Design for a Quantum Key Distribution CubeSat Telescope In-Orbit Demonstration

University essay from KTH/Lättkonstruktioner

Author: Lukas Jakas; [2020]

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Abstract: Although free-space optical communication systems require to overcome demanding precision requirements for their optical payload, the photonics company mBryonics has taken on the challenge of designing a quantum key distribution telescope for an in-orbit demonstration mission on a CubeSat platform. A part of the task was formulated as a thesis project which is reported in this document. The approach was to first complete a comprehensive literature review, then compile a system requirement review document, carry out trade studies for different telescope components and, finally, run numerous finite element analysis studies which let to come up with an optimal system configuration. The project outcome was satisfactory – the optical payload structure was designed to be robust enough to endure harsh rocket launch and space environment while at the same time decoupling the essential telescope elements from temperature fluctuations and vibrations.

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