Under himlen, på gränssnittet till land och hav : arbete med gränssnittet mellan land och hav på Inre Hamnen i Helsingborg

University essay from SLU/Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (from 130101)

Abstract: This thesis is structured into four chapters showcasing different stages of the design process. These four stages are inspired by the four traces concept method developed by Christophe Girot (1999). Throughout these chapters you get gradually introduced to the way of working and a generated respect for the site of Inre Hamnen and the city of Helsingborg. A way of working that is characterized by experimenting with different adaptation measures to rising sea levels within a site-specific context. In this report the focus is on fascination, creating different narratives that range in tone between objective and subjective. Rather then working from a central research question the report is written around questions and challenges that came up during the design process. This narrative can be found in the structure created by following the four-trace concepts method. Throughout the thesis fascinations, encountered uncertainties, sitespecific characteristics and the found solutions are presented through diagrams, photos, drawings and written text. A specific tone and style engage the reader into the site, design process and design proposal. In the last phases you get introduced to the solutions grounded in the unique inspiration and knowledge generated in the earlier phases. Different responsive adaptation measures that are preserving and enhancing the experience of the site are presented. The new interesting yet safe relationships between land and sea in the site of Inre Hamnen are communicated in the form of a graphic narrative. A graphic narrative that takes you on a fictive journey that allows the reader to experience the new waterfront.

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