The million program – how does densification affect the quality in a area

University essay from KTH/Fastigheter och byggande; KTH/Fastigheter och byggande


The current housing shortage in Stockholm is a fact and a daily problem for the society, to ease this problem and modernize neighborhoods built in the early 1960s, densification has often been used as an solution to the problem. Densification consists of building new properties in older areas to create a closer community and more homes. The expectation is that these older areas through durability, functionality and beauty should become more sought after, but it is difficult to achieve in areas with already poor reputation.

The aim with this study is to get a better understanding of how quality with, amongst others, service and security in a neighborhood is affected parallel by a densification. Based on a survey study, the students shall figure out how a densification affects a residential area with current problems regarding criminality and what it takes to recreate improvements in the residential area. Students will examine what makes quality increase in a residential area and based on the study come to a conclusion.

The result of the study survey shows that the region has not improved in terms of quality, service and security. Most of the population believes that the changes is not obvious and requires greater resources to improve the area. They believe mainly that there must be an improvement in the current public transport to ease the traffic flow, to and from the area. It would require that a more diverse group of people were to move in the area for not to promote criminality that today originates in the area. Hopefully these are aspects that will be considered within the next step of the densification that is now at the planning stage. This means that in order to create an optimal residential area that will attract more people to settle in Östberga a substantial improvement regarding public transportation and various activities, which will entertain the residents and thus reduce crime and increase safety, is required.

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