Adwall : Visualization of data in OpenGL

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Avdelningen för datavetenskap;

Author: Björn Nordström; Vincent Thuning; [2012]

Keywords: OpenGL;

Abstract: This thesis describes the problems and solutions of visualizing data in a real time environment.The implemented system consists of three parts, a view, controller and fetcher. These parts are loosely connected by the Model-View-Controller pattern.The performance aspect of the view will be adressed, as of the real time requirement of the visualization.The topics that the performance aspect leads to are; OpenGL optimizations and the feasiblity of using the interpreted programming language Python for real time rendering. The OpenGL optimization topic examines different rendering techniques; how they are implemented and how they perform.The role of the controller is to synchronize and organize the data over a number of views. This thesis will discuss how this was achieved with the publisher-subscribe pattern.The data source in the implementation of the project is the advertisement website are also the customer of the system.

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