Traffic Model for Cellular Network Analysis

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för elektro- och informationsteknik

Abstract: The development of new wireless cellular network technologies is always in progress. As 3G has been considered the foundation of mobile broadband, the latest generation of cellular mobile communications, that is, 5G New Radio, is expected to realize the networked society, where everyone and everything are seamlessly connected everywhere and every time. To ensure the connectivity and provide the required services, the cellular network could first be simulated, and the performance evaluated. Simulations are made as a method to evaluate the performance of the connectivity and services. In addition, building new network simulators and efficient scheduler algorithms, could be crucial for dimensioning the networks to fulfill the new services/use cases demands. This thesis work includes two main parts. First, a network model that reflects modern cellular architectures and user services, are defined and implemented. Second, a system level simulator that uses different scheduler algorithms is also developed. Several main factors and requirements that have been considered when building this simulator are, scalability, avoiding high computational complexity as much as possible so that the processing time can be reduced, and the simulator can be easily further developed.

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