Eternity Now

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Textilhögskolan

Abstract: Eternity Now is a collection of 7 outfits on witch I haveprojicised my will.This made the collection:' The philosophical “studios”/ places for big thinking- thebotanical garden in Gothenburg, Schloss Shönbrunn in Vienna.Nature is the only thing we really need. It’s the maininspiration for shape and colour. The art of balance.' Bodil Malmsten & Owe Wikström. Authors that in poeticways speak of time, process and nature. Existentialists thathave made this method possible, a method that is compareableto Bodil Malmstens way of writing books. You knowyou can, but you don’t know when you can. And that is ok,if it works in the end.' Alchemy as natural philosophy and graphic art. Made theprints and views on life in general.' Slowfashion/ Sustainable fashion. The only right way tothink about clothes theese days. We can’t go any faster thanthis if we want to keep the planet. This work is related toideas of slowfashion.

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