Design of a Hybrid Microgrid for use With Solar Panels to Power a Home

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektro- och systemteknik (EES)

Author: Alexander Carlsson; Linus Dahlgren; [2017]

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Abstract: In order to power a single home with solar panels amicrogrid has been designed, modeled, and simulated. The hybridsolution for the microgrid that is implemented allows for DCappliances to be connected before the inverter step and for ACappliances to be connected after it, removing inefficienciesassociated with the AC to DC conversion. The microgrid modelhas been designed so that it works with a grid connection as acomplement to the solar panels, but also in standalone mode if nogrid connection is available. In order to achieve the intendeddesign the model went through several iterations to optimize thecomponent parameters. Simulations were run on the model basedon weather and load-usage data to validate its functionality. Thesimulations indicate that model achieves its intended values, butalso suggest that the component configuration requires furtheroptimization if this specific microgrid design is to be physicallyimplemented.

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