What impact will Artificial Intelligence have on the future leadership role? – A study of leaders’ expectations

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Historically, technology has impacted the way leaders have led organisations, and today’s technology is no exception. The emerge of Artificial Intelligence creates possibilities and challenges for organisations, for which leaders need to prepare. This thesis aims to explore leaders’ expectations on how Artificial Intelligence will impact the leadership role in the future workplace. This thesis can contribute with valuable insights on what the future implications are, and whether leaders are prepared for these implications. This study was accomplished through a qualitative research approach using semi-structured interviews with six leaders who had a connection to the technology field. Earlier research and literature on leadership and Artificial Intelligence were used to provide a suitable framework around which the study built its reasoning. The results of this study show a future leadership role in change, with an increased emphasis on modern leadership theories, including shared and transformational leadership. The results suggest that the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace will enhance the need for leaders to be adaptable and open to change. It also suggests that it will be necessary for leaders to motivate employees, share the company vision and values, and facilitate creativity and teamwork when Artificial Intelligence performs tasks of more technical nature. Furthermore, the study suggests a traditional leadership approach as suitable for leading Artificial Intelligence, with set roles and responsibilities, as the study shows that it will be essential for the leader to monitor, guide and set the rules for Artificial Intelligence and provide it with an ethical dimension. The results indicate that leaders are informed about the impact Artificial Intelligence will have on the leadership role and that they are prepared for the future.

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