Forecasting checking account balance : Using supervised machine learning

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Avdelningen för systemteknik

Abstract: The introduction of open banking has made it possible for companies to build the next generation of applications based on transactional data. Enabling economic forecasts which private individuals can use to make responsible financial decisions. This project investigated forecasting account balances using supervised learning. 7 different regression models were run on transactional data from 377 anonymised checking accounts split into subgroups. The results concluded that multivariate XGBoost optimised with feature selection was the best performing forecasting model and the subgroup with recurring income transactions was easiest to forecast. Based on the result from this project it can be concluded that a viable option to forecast account balances is to split the transactional data into subgroups and forecast them separately. Minimising the errors given by certain random, infrequent and large types of transactions.

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